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Pumpkins have a long history with Halloween. You can carve them, or just place them out front for a nice effect. These links are for pumpkin related sites. Some have stencils to help make your carving easier.

Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Pages

Oct 6, 2018 |
Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Pages: Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Pages to Print Free – Different Traditions and festivals play a big part in the society which has its independent identity and gestures.

Funkins Carvable Pumpkins

Sep 20, 2018 |
Funkins are made of patented low–density polyurethane foam and are painted with polyurethane paint. The walls of Funkins are about one half of one inch thick (varies with size of Funkin). And Funkins are already hollow. This makes them just as easy to carve as real pumpkins (without the gutting and the mess) and very realistic looking.

StoneyKins Pumpkin Carving

Sep 20, 2018 |
It's really not about carving the best pumpkin. It's about carving one better than your neighbors.

Zombie Pumpkins

Sep 14, 2018 |
For 16 years, Zombie Pumpkins has been your trusted source for pumpkin carving patterns. For all skill levels - beginners to maniacs! Wide range of themes - scary to kid-friendly! 403 carving patterns to choose from!

The Pumpkin Wizard

Sep 14, 2018 |
Pumpkin patterns, designs, carving tools, photo galleries. Get some great ideas, and try your hand at your own customized pumpkin.

Ohio Pumpkin Show

Sep 14, 2018 |
The Greatest Free Show On Earth! Amusement Rides, Games, Two Parades Daily (except Saturday), Exhibits, Arts & Crafts, Food, Food & More Food! -and pumpkins!

Spookmaster Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Sep 7, 2018 |
The Web's Best Pumpkin Carving Patterns Are All Right Here, And They're All Free!


Sep 6, 2018 |
Home of The UN-Halloween Pumpkin Patterns. Have you ever wanted to display a carved pumpkin on Halloween that was not only unique, but also captivating? Patterns and instructions for creating your masterpiece.