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Halloween safety has always been something to be aware of. These links are to websites that will give instructions or show you how to be safe on Halloween night.

Dry Ice Tips

Oct 4, 2018 |
Dry ice can help create a spooky effect at your next Halloween party, but if it isn't properly stored, it will dissipate into a fog before you actually need it to. So if you go to the trouble of obtaining dry ice for Halloween, here are a couple tips to follow that will ensure it stays frozen until you need it to billow spooky fog long into the night and how to handle it safely.


Sep 14, 2018 |
Halloween safety tips for your friends and family. The scariest day of the year just got scarier.

CDC Halloween Health and Safety Tips

Sep 12, 2018 |
Fall celebrations like Halloween and Harvest Day are fun times for children, who can dress up in costumes, enjoy parties, and eat yummy treats. These celebrations also provide a chance to give out healthy snacks, get physical activity, and focus on safety. Check out these tips to help make the festivities fun and safe for trick-or-treaters and party guests.

Safe Kids Worldwide

Sep 12, 2018 |
Great tips on how to be safe on Halloween night. Talks about costume safety, and the most common rules for a safe evening.